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Here are some tips to think about when building your website using Enterprise Bolton. For more information, click on the [Help] icons within Enterprise Bolton, read the tips in the yellow box by the Main Menu, check the FAQ, or read the manual.
Make sure that you build plenty of textual content on your website. You don't have to add too much, but half a page of A4 should be about the target to achieve for each page you want people to find you on.
Keep your pages up-to-date regularly, try and change the content of the pages on a regular basis.
Search Engines
Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! can direct people to your pages, if you make sure they can find you.
To get started, add keywords and a description to your site. Think of words (keywords) that a customer may use on a search engine to find your web site/services. These words should be included as part of the content but should only be relevant for the page they are on. Don't just put lots of keywords on a page alone. Keywords should only be used as part of proper sentences that will provide meaningful information to your potential customers. Using keywords incorrectly may be seen as trying to falsely influence search results by some search engines. Leading to your website to lose page rank or be excluded from the index.
In the page settings, add different keywords and descriptions for each page and make sure that these are relevant to the content of the page.
Another great way of helping your web site is to get as many suppliers, businesses or customers linking to your web site. Try to get them to link to your web site using words which are considered the most valuable to in search engine terms instead of using your company name. This way you are gaining credibility from other sources, telling search engines that your web site is about the keyword content, not your company name.
Duplicate Area
Use the "Duplicate Area" element on your navigation section to duplicate the same information on the sidebar of each page. Each "Duplicate Area" element should all point to the page you want to duplicate from.
This will help when you want to update content in your navigation area. When you make a change to the home page navigation area to say, add a search box, the change will ripple through to all the pages that have chosen to duplicate that area from the home page. When duplicating an area from the home page you'll have to use the "delete all" button to remove any outstanding elements from the navigation area. Once this is done click "insert" and select 'Duplicate Area'.
When uploading images, remember to use Alternative Text. This is used either instead of the image if a browser chooses not to show images or sometimes shows up inside a little box when you mouse over an image. The ALT text should describe the image and its use, if it has one, so people who cannot see the image know the reason for it being on the page.
Using Alternative Text also helps your web site to be more accessible to people with visual impairment.
Remember to always make a backup copy of original pictures before editing them. Normally you will also need to resize images before you put them on the website. This is because they will be far too big to display on a page. If you don't have an image editing package there is a web image resizer on the web which optimises images for web sites.
Forums are a great way of discussing your products or services with customers, these are searchable so future web site visitors can look through and perhaps find an answer to their question without contacting you. Forums are also a great way of creating a "sticky" web site. If visitors regularly contribute to a forum they are constantly returning to your web site.
If you are selling products on the Internet, make sure you have plenty of special offers. People definitely look on the Internet for bargains and if they can get it for less they will buy from your web site. The best thing to do is create a special offers page that updates on a regular basis.
Mailing Lists
Enterprise Bolton's mailing list option allows you to e-mail either people who have signed up to your mailing list, or e-commerce customers. You can send them information about special offers or additions to your web site. Visitors can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe to the service and this means that you don't have to manage the mailing list whenever someone new signs up or leaves.
We recommend using the text only mailing list option as this looks less obtrusive to people, and is less likely to be misfiled as spam by any firewall or antispam products.


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